Sunday, May 1, 2011

life is like a box of chocolates...

This week has been WILD!! 

On Monday, Michael went into work expecting to have a normal work day. He asked me to go to lunch with him-while at lunch he told me there was a job opportunity opening in an AWESOME dental lab in Idaho Falls, Idaho (crazy)
His wonderful boss kept telling him he should really look into it and see if he could get an interview. So his boss called Matt Roberts in Idaho and told him nothing but great things about Michael 
{I agree, he's got quite the natural talent for this teeth making thing!} 
We didn't think it likely that Michael would get the job... there are many many people who would love to work in this lab and were hoping to interview there. 
However, we were surprised when Michael went to the job interview on Friday and was 
offered the job on the spot! 

Michael starts at CMR Dental Lab on May it's coming right up! 

I finish teaching at the Dance Shack on May 12th, then we are headed to Boston for a little anniversary/dental lab convention trip :) the week of May 17th. We come back May 24th and Michael starts the NEXT DAY! 
We spent all Saturday looking for houses/apartments. My sweet Aunt Lynnae, sissy, cousins Trad & Sam were (and still are) great house hunter helpers.we did not have much luck, but have continued looking online and seem to be finding more places. 
We are so grateful for this opportunity. It is such a bittersweet time. We are so sad to be leaving all the family and friends we have here in Utah, but excited to start a new chapter in our life. If it wasn't for Michael's great boss now [Eric Newell] we would not even be close to where we are now. Thank you so much Eric and Patricia. You two are great. 

I will be transferring to BYU-Idaho (considering I get in). It will likely push me back a bit because of trying to transfer credits, but I am hoping to be able to keep my major {Early Childhood Eduacation} and be able minor in {dance}. 

This all happened so so fast. It is crazy and seems so surreal, but we know this is exactly where we are supposed to be in our lives right now. The second Michael first told me I immediately thought.."we are moving to idaho". I never imagined myself ending up in Idaho, Falls. Luckily I know the area and have lots of loving family members there. We are hoping to be able to find a place THIS WEEK so we can get moved in before Michael starts. 
{Idaho, get ready for the Clemmer's!}


  1. umm so cool! but so sad.. Even though it's not like we have hung out a lot, I enjoyed making plans that we could hope to someday carry out haha. But congratulations guys!

  2. i know it is just craziness! i agree....wish we could have hung out for real!

  3. congratulations! that is all very exciting!! it will be sad leaving your families but thankfully idaho falls isnt too far away!! :)